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This keeps getting better. Yes, it looks like the administration is keeping tabs on Death March Madness and took notice when Greg Schiano made it by Urban Meyer and into the Final Four. He interviewed with Martin in New York & looks like a deal is afoot.

Jim Carty has a relationship with Greg Schiano from his previous job and recounted a story he told on the radio this week. And the gloves are cleary off for Carty. He couldn’t resist throwing this blow at our athletic director:

It’s interesting to note that Martin, who insisted earlier this week that returning a phone call to Miles’ agent would have been a huge ethical breach of his obligations to LSU, didn’t ask Rutgers for permission to talk to Schiano.

Turns out, Barnacle Bill can swim with the sharks when he wants to, huh?

Ding! JC better watch out or Martin may try do him like he did Dave Shand earlier this year.

UPDATE: Over before it started, various eports just after 9am that Schiano turned down the opportunity.

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