A few shots from in and around pregame.   It was basically sunny on the field, a little damp from the rain earlier, mood seems somewhat subdued in the stadium.

The greatest living Wolverine legend?  Bob Chappuis, Mad Magician.  He asked me if my camera broke after I took the pic! – heck no, he looks great:

001 - chappuis

Rich Rod said he was thinking of tinkering with punter Will Hagerup’s pregame routine.  Here he was, getting loose, tossing a few balls.  (And he’s got a decent arm, keep that in your back pocket):

001 hagerup

Nerd Alert!  The control room for Fan Vision, the little handheld devices that kick butt:

003 - denard

Hockey team being, um, hockey players:


  1. I had dinner last year with Bob and his wife Anne (the same lady he was on the cover of the magazine with; been married 60+ years). They are a terrific couple. Bob was runner up in the Heisman, etc. …..

    but you still gotta give the greatest legend still alive to Pete Elliott. TWELVE varsity letters; back when they didn't let freshman on any varsity teams.


  2. I think Bob Chappuis is one of the greatest legends in Michigan and Big Ten history. He was a tremendous player but I think more amazing is that his playing years were interrupted by military service, he had a hell of an experience in Italy, and then he returned to play two amazing seasons of football at Michigan. I wish more fans knew more about his great story and accomplishments. GO BLUE