Quick takes from media day:

1. I thought the idea of having 5 kids ask questions during the press conference was a bad idea—but it turned out to be pretty fun, cute, and at times, actually a little interesting.  Well done #1000SSS.

2. The Harbaugh highlight was old #4 himself coordinating the team photo – from calling out the order of where guys would sit, to the spacing, to where they should put their hands, etc., etc.  It was classic.  I sat there and watched the whole thing.

3. Peppers is a beast.

4. Uniform notes:

  • The players appeared to be wearing last years’ jersey and the 2015 maize pants.  The pants were clearly a darker shade of maize.  Just a guess, but the jerseys will follow the same tone.
  • Speaking of the 2014 jerseys, they deliberately put a blue patch over the big block M above the nameplate (see Morris below).   Hmm.  I’m guessing the block M over the name plate won’t return in 2015.


DSCN7363 - Cute Girl 2 (1) DSCN7363 - Cute Girl 2 (2) DSCN7371 - Smile 1  DSCN7383 - Smile 3 DSCN7394 Harbaugh Himself with Photo
Photo Aug 06, 1 44 04 PM

DSCN7396 - With Spacing M Tattoo Patch over M Peppers 2 Peppers Rudock


  1. I’m guessing the block M over the name plate won’t return in 2015.

    Good. I’ve had enough of the Dave Branding Block M’s all over the place. Don’t mess with the most iconic jersey in sports.

  2. I like the darker shade of maize, hopefully it matches the helmets. GO BLUE!

  3. And the M is gone on the pants, too.