Just returned from media and mulled through the photos.  The typical mix of on and off topic items from the day.


Barwis talking about Brock Mealer’s progress and program:


Brock after this press conference chilling:



Denard is still going with the untied shoelaces.  One media member still rocking the docksiders:0laces 

Just begging for a caption contest:


I tried to get an all braids dreds photo, this was the closest I could get:


Big Jon Falk hasn’t lost his 1997 championship ring:


Fred Jackson talking about the next Chris Perry:



Don’t mess with Molk:


Tate as Drew Sharp looms.  Tate said all the right things today, more later.


Tate checks in with Coach Rod before the team photo:

 0richrod and tate

BigHouseATron – did you know the tunnel expands?


It really does!


This is the cool, they hung bowl, conference championship and national championship banners inside the indoor practice field:


Another look:



  • Will Hagerup – Media Day
  • Devin Gardner – Media Day
  • Tate Forcier – Media Day
  • Media Day (Photo Gallery)

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    1. Whoa. Jeremy Ross looks really short. (Captain Obvious, I know)

    2. Thanks a lot for the pictures of the banners.

      I remember asking Bruce Madej (Texas and Oklahoma both had their Big 12 championship banners hanging @ their PF) why we didn't do that and he said they were looking into it. I guess they finally found a place for them. Looks great especially with the bowl patches.

    3. I love the banners. They are crisp, clean, and give the right feel to Michigan's heritage about that. I would love to see those in the stadium concourses, but one thing at a time.

      • Greg from MVictors

        My photo didn\’t do it justice. They grabbed the bowl game logo and wound them nicely into those banners. It\’s an impressive display to recruits and alums alike. Love it.

        • I also just saw the shields for the national championship teams inside the concourses of the stadium from my friend's Fan Day pictures, and it's clear that they really put some thought into the "heritage" celebration in the stadium. I like that.

    4. Great gallery. You can definitely see the weight Tate has put on since last year – looks great! And Molk, although glaring, has a look (read: haircut) that would fit in nicely in the 50's, although he would have dwarfed them all!