001 - media Rodriguez was peppered with questions for the first 10+ minutes of the press conference, eliciting a few jokes from RR about having plenty of other positions on the field to discuss.  A few notes on the qb-question barrage:

  • “Quarterback position is still wide open”, and it may come down to how they perform in game conditions.
  • When asked if for the opener, there’s a good chance each of the three quarterbacks (Sheridan, Forcier, Robinson) will take snaps, Rodriguez’s answer was, “Yes.  Yeah.  In what order and how many (snaps) I couldn’t tell you.  Right now all three of them look like they’ll play in the opener.”   I gasped.   [Update 8/24: Here’s the audio]
  • He’s not worried about having a single guy to rally around, he just wants each quarterback to get better.
  • He later said, when talking about freshman and freshman quarterbacks in particular, that Denard Robinson and Tate Forcier “are going to play as freshman.”
  • Rodriguez noted that Sheridan “is battling right there with them,” and noted that he’s done a lot of work physically (in the weight room).
  • When asked who started the intra-team scrimmage held on Friday, after joking that he “didn’t remember’”, Rodriguez admitted that he thought Sheridan took the first rep.  [HT mgoblog, some video of yesterday’s scrimmage is up on mgoblue.com here.]
  • After the official presser, Rodriguez was holding a depth chart cheat-sheet that he had on his hand.  A media member peeked at it, and joked about the quarterback position.  Rodriguez said the depth chart at QB was in order “by class”.  I assume he means graduating class and not who has the most panache.  (Because that’d be Cone).

DSC07161 Rodriguez surely wants the command of the system like #8, the arm and confidence
of #5,
the feet of #16 and the mad rapping skills of #17, the smile of #20.

Other quarterback bullets:

  • Both Forcier and Sheridan said they hadn’t practiced sets with multiple quarterbacks in the same line-up, but neither would be surprised to see it when the season rolls around.
  • Sheridan’s leg is feeling great.


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