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What they’re saying about the Notre Dame game. In summary, the media has turned the “trainwreck watch” away from Ann Arbor and right upon ol’ Charlie Weis and the Irish. And why not? That was an absolute mess out there and I think my 3 year old daughter knows that ND hasn’t scored an offensive touchdown this year. Yikes. Here’s some of the quotes out there this morning:

Jim Carty, Ann Arbor News: “…a relief to know you were finally not the butt of every joke on ESPN, and that you got there by absolutely teeing off on an opponent”

John Heuser, Ann Arbor News:
“After seeing its national title hopes destroyed in four quarters, then suffering its worst home loss in 40 years, the University of Michigan football team took its first step toward reclaiming its season Saturday.”

Bob Wojnowski, Detroit News: “The Irish are really, really putrid, and we’re not overlooking that. But the Wolverines were really, really desperate, and boy, did it show. It turns out the which-storied-program-is-in-more-trouble debate was pretty silly. U-M pounded Notre Dame in every way possible, releasing waves of tension with newfound exuberance in a 38-0 victory Saturday at Michigan Stadium.”

Jerry Green, Detroit News: “And what is happening to Notre Dame in this football September of 2007 is equally as honest and true. The Irish of Notre Dame are no longer fighting.”

Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press: “At some point in Saturday’s massacre, you actually felt sorry for the Irish, the way you eventually felt sorry for the Wicked Witch of the West when she melted into her hat. I mean, when there’s nothing left but a green globule, how bitter can you be? And that’s all Notre Dame is right now. Man, that is one sorry-looking football team. There is no explaining — or justifying — such a drop-off a school that can close down completely and still have a dozen All-Americas commit for next season.”

Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press: “Notre Dame would not have reached the end zone if the Wolverines gave them 25 downs and a helicopter. This felt like 138-0, and that is largely because the Fighting Irish are beyond awful. They have been blown out in five straight games. If they don’t beat Michigan State on Saturday, they could easily start 0-8. When USC visits South Bend next month, I would set the spread at 50 points, and then only if the Trojans wear ankle weights.”

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