Here’s some more medicine:

Jamie Morris on WTKA 1050AM Ann Arbor’s ‘Off the Field’: The former Michigan star urged everyone to get off Carr’s back and to not “bury” him. He did acknowledge that LSU’s Les Miles is a good Michigan Man and “he’ll always be a Michigan Man”. He also indicated there would be a national search for a new coach (that is, when Carr steps down).

John Canzano, Oregonian: “Ducks coach Mike Bellotti told me after the game that it took him exactly one offensive series to understand Oregon was going to have a big day. He said it took 2-3 series on defense before he realized they could stop Michigan.”

Rob Parker, Detroit News: “Michigan has bigger problems than not being prepared. That was the excuse for losing to the Mountaineers last Saturday. There is no excuse this week. Michigan knew what task was ahead of them against the Ducks. They just couldn’t do anything about it.”

Mitch Albom, Free Press: “I hate to put it this way, but there have been [Detroit] Lions games less embarrassing than this.”

Drew Sharp, Free Press: “His future now becomes an unavoidable distraction to his players and his assistants. The story won’t go away because even if all agree that Michigan was overrated — nobody expected it to get exposed to this degree in the season’s first two games. The Wolverines’ season isn’t just blown up. It has been napalmed.”

Dennis Dodd, “It’s no longer a case of if Michigan calls to inquire about Miles’s availability, it’s when. It’s only a question now of how Lloyd Carr departs — on a bus or, after Saturday’s showing, under it.” Also, during the LSU/Virginia Tech game I caught Kirk Herbstreit speculating that Tiger coach LSU would take a Michigan job offer because of Miles’s feelings for Michigan “in his heart”.

Jim Carty, Ann Arbor News: “And for a second straight week, Carr patiently and thoughtfully answered questions afterward, showing none of the anger that’s marked previous years’ tough losses, admitting all the shortcomings that needed to be admitted. When asked why he seemed so calm, the veteran coach chuckled and took a shot at a headline from earlier in the week. ‘Maybe the game’s passed me by,’ Carr said, smiling that little smile again.”


  1. Did Les Mile’s coach here before or something why would he have feeling’s for Michigan in his heart?

    [He played for Bo at Michigan and he was an assistant coach under Bo.]

  2. I think a lot of people should listen to Jamie Morris! The entire M media should be rallying and encouraging the team versus kicking them! There is still a lot to play for, Big 10 championship, victory over MSU, OSU and Wisconsin! And a rose bowl victory! After our outburst revoking Harbough’s Michigan Man status how can we turn our backs on the very embodiment of this tradition? It is too easy to be a nay sayer. Coach Carr does so much good that that we need to show Coach that Michigan students, alumnus, and fans represent these same characteristics that our players represent!
    Go BLUE!!