You been there I’m sure.  You’re out of the country, or out of TV coverage or for whatever reason, you can’t catch of feed or regular updates from an important game.   You feel helpless & the bits of data you find are precious.

I could be found refreshing the final couple minutes of the Iowa game on ScoreMobile, trying to piece together what was going on.  The stretch in the final seconds of reg to tie the game (that I later learned was Jordan Morgan at the line sinking free throws) took 14 refreshes and lasted a span of around five anxious Caribbean minutes. 

With three games to go it’s hard to believe this young group is actually in the discussion for tournament bid.  Pete, I may need my account at freshened up.

The Michigan State game is always going to be huge for so many reasons but first it’s a huge one with the Badgers.   There’s plenty on the line but what gets you extra pumped up for Wisconsin on Wednesday?  Bielema and Ryan are easy to hate, but beyond that—what’s your beef with the Badgers and their fans?

  • They get too pickled at games?  Maybe so, but it’s a loveable kind of drunk, like the charming Alison a.ka. “Puke and Rally Aly” who I saw on Wipeout last week. 
  • Their football team has been the more-than-occasional fraud?  Sure, I’ll get behind that one after they remove the football they jammed down our throats last fall.
  • Revenge for 1981?  Rafiki
  • Revenge for Crazy Legs Hirsch voting against Michigan in 1973?  Rafiki. 
  • You hate Jump Around?  No you don’t.

So find something to get you pumped or to get them mad or both.  Here’s a shot–but I’m not sure if Wisconsin fans would take this as a jab or as a compliment, haaha:

Wurst State Ever 
Made with actual bratwurst casings

Or better yet, pick up something at Moe’s or UGP that gets you fired up.  Beat Wisconsin!


  1. Now that's a funny shirt. Speaking of score update jonesing, you should try listening to the 1992 Michigan – Cinci final four game on a hand held radio while on the fantail of USS Connole at night while underway in the Gulf of Mexico. You do what you have to do, right?

  2. Reasons:

    1. Their marching band is a bunch of hooligans who have been repeatedly sanctioned by their own school (and reportedly weren't invited to come in 2010)

    2. Their students aren't so much in the "loveable drunk" category. More in the "throw full beer cans at the guy in the visiting colors" category.

    3. They're the only Big Ten team Beilein has yet to defeat.

  3. And Madison is our Athens.

  4. The Wisconsin fan next to me thought it was a jab, although found it better than Ohio's shirt.

  5. And now we have a new reason Ugh.