Good stuff in the Daily today.  Apparently in the aftermath of Justin Meram’s shirtless body surf in the student section following last week’s overtime triumph over Central Florida, the senior forward lost his jersey.

You’ve probably already seen this shot from last Sunday:

  You are all suspects.  And you’re all suspect.

I witnessed a little bit of the aftermath after Meram walked back onto the field.  I remember him asking for the jersey back.  Here’s a horrible photo, the second to last I took, of Meram walking back to the students to find his shirt:


Here’s the last shot I had in the camera, apparently Meram giving up or seeing if someone had it back on the bench by this time:


The lady in yellow seems suspiciously aware of the shirt situation, and even found a shirt, just not the one Meram was looking for.  The old bait and switch?   And the dude in the black Members Only jacket with his hands in his pockets is little too casual for a crime scene if you ask me. 

I did find this shot of a jersey during the melee’, unconfirmed if it’s Meram’s. 


It appears as though it’s one of Meram’s teammates – is this an inside job?

I also caught longtime Michigan photographer Per Kjeldsen packing his bag:


What’s the rush, Per?  Boy that’s a pretty big bag for a photographer.  Hmm.  I carried my camera.  Maybe Lon had the getaway car fired up outside.

Then there’s this:


Suave, debonair and a Michigan soccer fan?  Wow.   I’m guessing whomever brought this hat knows a thing or two about a) life, and b) this situation.

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  1. But the real question is will Meram suit up for the football team in the bowl game?

    If he does, can me make the transition from shooting for the 90s to right down the middle of the uprights? He'll have a full two weeks to practice after Michigan wins the College Cup on 12/12.