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Thankfully WTKA posted the audio of recent calls from former Michigan quarterback Michael Taylor who was mildly excited that former Spartan tackle Tony Mandarich is revealing the details of his steroid use. I’ve posted them below. For those of you with nazi IT departments, here’s most of the calls transcribed:

Here’s most of Taylor’s call on 10-1

“I told you that clown was on steroids and their championship was tainted, that those clowns have not won anything since Bubba Smith and I told you guys that several years ago. You don’t go from 1986 and playing left tackle and giving up 5 sacks, to the next year picking the guy up and carrying him 10 yards down the field. The same guy who embarrassed you the year before is going to embarrass the same the next year. You may end up having a stalemate, but you’re not going to end up physically dominating a guy like that. And so therefore all you State fans, all you Michigan Agricultural College clowns, I told you your championship was tainted and so therefore you reap what you sow, so therefore when’s the last time you guys won a championship? Sixty years ago. Thank you.”

And today 10/2, here’s Taylor coming back on:

“Michigan Agricultural College clowns haven’t won anything. 1988 and 1989 were the years I started and we won back-to-back Big Ten titles without losing a game. So basically he’s off on that thing. As far as 1987 [MSU’s title] was concerned, as I’ve stated before, it was tainted because there’s no way in the world humanly possible a man is going to improve to be that great over one year’s status time, so as far as I’m concerned, whining? No, I’m not going to shut up. I’m gonna keep giving it to you clowns, like I’ve always given it to you and as far as I’m concerned Michigan State hasn’t won nothing in 45 years almost 50….”

Here’s the audio, thanks to WTKA who’s morning show is getting better and better, and that’s not the just “Wisky” talking (maybe a little bit):

Reaction’s been all over the place. I am looking for some type of official response from MSU on the announcement, not because I’m expecting some/any type of action or a removal of the 1988 Rose Bowl banner, but because I just like to see how the message is crafted. Is it going to be a “we take drug use seriously…but this was 20+ years ago” type deal?

MLive captured the reaction from George Perles who was stunned about Mandarich’s alleged out party and dropped this mildy odd comment:

“I’ve had 77,000 people boo me,” Perles said. “I’m immune to being hurt. Nothing changes. The people who dislike you will use this to make a case against you and those who do like you won’t.”

Perles stopped short of saying, “I’m rubber and you’re glue…”. I understand what Perles is trying to say, but this isn’t like finger pointing or an allegation that you can interpret one way or another. It’s a guy coming out and saying he (and others?) did steroids on his team. It’s black and white and to me, it’s a question of what MSU does with it. It’s not like they are going to hold a mock trial on GameDay or something, although I’d like to see Desmond in a powdered wig. Yes, you’ll have people like Michael Taylor shooting venom but it really comes down to how Michigan State handles it. Maybe they’ll just ask the State fans to perform a ceremonial boo to Mandarich, Perles and that era.

Get Your Popcorn: Here’s the bottom line on all of this straight from a former popcorn salesman [ergo ‘expert’] at Spartan Stadium who attended the 1988 Rose Bowl: Nothing will happen to MSU’s team records and titles nor should it.

It’s cliche’ but true–everybody was doing it. Maybe not everybody:

Tom Brady, NFL Draft
Close the ‘How Brady ended up in the 6th round’ file

Guys on my high school football team were doing it. (Yes, I scored two touchdowns in my career and was steroid free. Anyone from Holt or Pinconning, feel this virtual touchdown dance in your cyber face). I’m sure players from that era will swear that they nor the guys on their teams did steroids but we’ll never be able to prove that.

I don’t have any wild stories of the players in South Quad injecting anything other than several massive doses of Cottage Inn pizza into their faces. You saw how a lot of these guys came to campus, and you saw them when they left. I don’t know if they used steroids and really don’t care. It was a different time.

In cases where these guys are caught, it’s rare that they strip any team records anyway. Have you ever heard of anyone asking to strip the LA Raiders of their Super Bowl because Lyle Alzado admitted use, or the titles of the Niners or Broncos because Bill Romanowski used? It’s never even suggested.

I think this will pass. And although it’s not the point, Mandarich not only ate 3 dozen eggs each day, I hear from folks that knew him at State that was a good egg himself. That’s counts for something–ask Barry Bonds.

More: Check out Michigan Against the World’s take. [via mgoblog, who followed my lead with a fresh banner].

Even more: Speaking of former Spartan coaches talking and morning radio shows, looks like John L. Smith is on in Louisville.

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