Turns out the WTKA afternoon show on Thursday was just as exciting as the morning show.  Michael Taylor dialed up Jeff DeFran and went off on a spittle-filled rant, furious about the hiring of Curt Mallory over Taylor’s preference Corwin Brown.  Clip:


Obviously Taylor knows something about the matter and has been in touch with Brown, who Taylor says is “hurt”.   The former M quarterback more than implies race was a factor in the hire and he’s pissed.

One point – Taylor goes on and on about supporting Michigan letterman and how there’s a recent history of the administration spitting in the face of letterman.  Of course Mallory is a letterman.  And did you know that Brown, Taylor and Mallory were teammates on the 1989 squad, Bo’s last season?


I like Taylor’s contributions to WTKA – on Sunday (where has he been?) and with the occasional phone call.   One thing I always struggle with is Michael’s oft-repeated stance that his status as a letterman/former football player provides him the trump card over anyone’s opinion in all matters pertaining to U-M football.  Come on.

Speaking of qualifications [nice segue] I’m disqualified from commenting on Mallory vs. Brown since I joined a band of ten merry, pickled students who spelled C-O-R-N-F-L-A-K-E-S on our chests back at a game in 1992.  (Shout out to K’s, D Henry, Rogie, Hanrath, Bolick, Bonus, Delehant).

For the record no chest hairs were harmed in this exercise and we fared better than these cats:

auburn Tide fans say ‘BUURRRN!’   Is that WBE Jerry on the end?


  1. Angelique Chengelis has already spoken with Corwin and debunked Taylor's claims.

  2. Nerves. Is this what I sent my boy to Michigan for? Thank goodness there was no "Semester at Sea"!

  3. sorry, wrong word. corwin seems ok though

  4. Well, it seems to debunk the idea that Brown is hurt and angry.

    • Greg from MVictors

      A guy taking the high road in the media about a job he missed out on does not mean he was not hurt personally or reflect his personal feelings on what happened.

      • Nor does it prove the contrary. Corwin doesn't seem to want to make an issue out of this, so we shouldn't, either.

      • Greg from MVictors

        correct – my point is that it doesn\’t really tell us anything. As far as whether to make it an issue or not, it\’s an issue now because Taylor brought it up. Sam dedicated over an hour to this today. It\’s an issue.