Thanks to Brian Cook for forwarding this link to this cat who podcasts Tony Kornheiser’s radio show.   He must like to listen to debates about the top three pizza toppings of all time.  Anyway, here’s Wilbon’s comments about Rich Rod’s fate:



  • Tony Kornheiser: “Rich Rodriguez.  Done?  After two years?”
  • Michael Wilbon: “I’m told again, on pretty good authority.  Done.”
  • TK: “At two years?”
  • Some Turd: “Breaking News!”
  • MW: “I sat in a thorough conversation with someone who…. [seemingly measuring his words] affiliated with the current coach at Michigan and he does not believe for one second that he’ll be back at Michigan.”
  • TK: “I think you gotta give a guy, who’s built a program somewhere else…more than two years.”
  • MW: “I was stunned by the conversation which was on Saturday, an hour an a half after that game, and he says that he would bet me right now, took his wallet out and threw it down, that this is not going to happen and I’ll just tell you that this guy played for Rich Rod.”
    So a guy is hanging out with Wilbon, after the game, and says he’d bet that Rich Rod will be fired.   A who played for RR, and who Wilbon calls pretty good authority.   Sounds like tailgate chatter, not journalism.    This is garbage.


  1. Coach Rod has embarrassed us from the beginning. We did a poor job of hiring a man of character. We cannot blame anyone but Coach Rod for not turning in the sheets.

  2. I mostly agree with Greg’s take on the substance of Wilbon’s comments.

    However, the Rosenberg-esqe unnamed source never mentioned firing. He said he would bet RR wouldn’t be there next year. What I took from the audio is the source potentially hinted RR may be considering leaving.

    Nevertheless, I don’t buy into unnamed sources. I don’t do it in my professional life either… for example, on one or two occasions, I’ve received anonymous complaints about others at work. As a leader, I cannot go off such garbage. If someone has a beef, they need to man (or woman) up. I cannot effectively lead off of conjecture or rumor and thus I give such things zero attention; I think Bo would approve.

    BUT, there is one thing which gives me pause though. The guy in the background sounds like Michigan Man Erik Kuselias. While Erik is definitely proud of his U-M affiliation (hell, aren’t we all?), he is hardly a homer, he is very savvy, and he is at the complete other end of the spectrum from assclowns such as Drew Sharp. Erik hardly promotes sensationalism and the thing which really freaking bugs me about this audio, is if it indeed bullshit on the part of Wilbon, Erik would have called him on it.

  3. It really is time for RR to go. He has failed miserably in every possible way at Michigan. Not his fault? Cupboard Bare? blah blah blah…

    BS. This goes way farther than that and it is all on RR. He is solely responsible for tearing down Michigan football to the bottom of the Big Ten (and Bill Martin is too for hiring him)

  4. must be Ryan Mundy. Has connections with michigan folk still, and played for RR.

  5. TAKE YOUR GIMMICKY HIGH SCHOOL OFFENSE TO A TIER TWO PROGRAM WHERE IT BELONGS. Bring in Harbaugh or Miles and lets run the pro set offense and recruit blue chippers again.