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Michigan To Expand Michigan Stadium
New levels, luxury boxes, wider seats and more for $200M !
Obtained by the Ann Arbor News via the Freedom of Information Act, plans to renovate Michigan Stadium are out of the bag. Click to enlarge on the artist’s rendering pictured left depicting the general goal of the renovation (apparently orange is a favorite of AD Bill Martin). Completion is desired by 2008-2010.

So what does this mean and what is the initial word on the street? Here’s what I’ve heard:
– There are many fans concerned about the price tag but it will be funded through the existing preferred seating program, set to begin next season.
– A few fans feel that the basketball arena should be the primary target of renovation. The common response is that revenue from the suites and additional features will fund other projects at the U.
– The report in the Ann Arbor indicated there might be a seat reduction of a few thousands seats, putting Michigan below at least Penn State and probably Texas A&M as the leader in capacity. AD Bill Martin and others have already made statements confirming that this is a concern and will be addressed. (Translation: They’ll figure it out a way to not reduce the size of the capacity.)
– They would like to add an additional inch to each of the seats. The alternative plan is to sell lower-calorie snacks at concessions to slim everyone down – by an inch or so.
– Likewise, Michigan would like to increase the size of the aisles and entry ways.
– Up to 79 luxury suites will be added.
– They will not allow any advertising inside the stadium. Pepsi will still dominate the outside of the old ball park.
– More bathrooms and concessions will be added. My take: bathrooms are a problem right now but I’ve never had an issue getting a quick drink during the game. The entire stadium is lined with concessions!?

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