Update 1/25: I posted some stills of just the Kampfer hit here. YouTube is below.

A great night up at old Yost again tonight save for the final few minutes where it got very ugly. A few highlights from up in Section 22 including a clip of the Michigan students dropping f-bombs on the Spartans after Kampfer was injured.

To the video, if you go directly to YouTube and click the ‘Watch in High Quality’ option, it helps make out Kampfer getting drilled and slashed:

Yost Built summarized what happened, and you can make out most of this on the video although I’m in the opposite end:

The attack–and let’s be real, that’s what it was–occurs around the 45 second mark and it was worse than what you can see in that clip. Basically, Corey Tropp was bringing the puck through center ice in the waning moments of the 5-3 Michigan victory. Steve Kampfer stepped up and smoked him with a perfectly clean check (and that’s not the homer in me talking…it was 100% clean and I don’t think any FYS fan would debate that).

Andrew Conboy (more on him later) then chased Kampfer and did his best Todd Bertuzzi impression, sucker-punching him from behind. As Kampfer lay motionless on the ice, Tropp made it to him and unleashed a BC-two-hander into his neck area. Scrums broke out (though I don’t think the Michigan players realized how awful the incident was, or we would’ve had an all-out brawl on our hands). Tropp was assessed a five-minute major for slashing, two ten minute misconducts, and a double game-disqualification, which carries with it a minimum three-game suspension. Conboy got a double minor for roughing, which surely will be increased.

There was an alleged scrum in the Spartan lockerroom after the game, again, Yost Built:

In the post-game handshake line, Tim Miller was escorted to the locker room after reportedly jawing with FYS head coach Rick Comley.

In the aftermath, there was an incident in the FYS locker room. The Ann Arbor News reported that a man attacked Comley, but Mike Spath posted that it was Corey Tropp who was the target. Police were called and not a whole lot else is known. Rumors are out there as to who the man is–Comley said it was “a parent”–and if they’re true, while you’d like to see a better reaction, and depending on what took place (no details have emerged yet) it may have been over the line, I sure as hell can’t say that I wouldn’t have done the same thing. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see a kid (your kid?) end up in a neck brace for weeks after an assault, have him come all the way back, and then have him get brutally attacked again just a couple of months later.

Blue Ice: The Story of Michigan Hockey


  1. ok, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen a game at Yost, but why did the spartans leave the south end of the ice? Are there new locker rooms down there?

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  3. Yes lockers are below Sec 20 and 21. This was in part due to long standing incidents going off the ice between teams like MoooU.

  4. Wow. You stay classy, Wolverines.

  5. “You stay classy, Wolverines”? Wow. Yeah, I guess it is pretty classless to give a good “F— you!” to a couple thugs who attack a defenseless hockey player from behind and slash him hard with their stick. Geez. What can you do about those M students? Just bad people.

  6. Who is the ass? Stay classy wolverines are you serious?!!!? Why dont you TRY to win something anything again and go burn some cars of something.

  7. These are both excellent schools with intelligent students, but when it comes to athletic events, emotion seems to rule. What was done to Kampfer was criminal, and I hope the CCHA takes appropriate action. Yes, the student section in the yost gets caught up in the emotion, but their profanities and adolescent chants do not compare to criminal assault. Yes, hockey is a physical sport, and yes, injuries are expected, but to blind-side an opponent, and then assault him as Kampfer was assaulted cannot be tolerated by the CCHA, the universities or the coaches.

  8. This is by far the best view out in public. I’m sure that if you gave it to the AD, Coach Berenson, or someone at the CCHA, you would be taking away any excuse they would have to not expel him from the CCHA and file criminal charges.

  9. I think Steve’s parents should file criminal assault charges against Tropp and Conboy, the CCHA officials, and maybe even Rick Comley. I don’t think Rick intentionally sent them out there to injure Kampfer, but he knew Conboy was a loose cannon and Tropp was out of control. He should keep his team under better control by kicking them off the team and letting all of his players and coaches and fans know that these types of behaviors will not be tolerated by him or by Michigan State University. I know there are many good MSU fans like “MSU Student,” and I realize it is unfair to paint the whole Spartan fanbase as tolerating these players’ behavior. The league should never allow officials like these to officiate a game again in the CCHA because they failed to get the game under control early when it was getting out of hand with some of the hits.

  10. Wow, once again Michigan never fails to impress with your lack of class and immaturity. The “F You” chant is a perfect example of why my kids will never attend either one of these schools. What is wrong with you people and why do you think it is acceptable to say such trash in public? The only thing you are doing is giving a bad reputation to your “beloved” institution of higher learning.

  11. Alright J-Smitty, first off all who are you to tell your kids where they are going to college? You’re going to keep them away from a very prestigious school like UofM because there was an “F-you” chant after their player was attacked? If you can get your kids to go to a college where their is no fan base or profanity, and if you can keep your children sheltered from those types of things through college, then more power to you.

  12. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahaha. it’s a game people, emotions got the best of the players and that happened. it happens in all sports. and i am not saying the MSU players should not be disciplined because they should. it wasn’t completely necessary, but it’s an MSU VS. U OF M game people, if there wasn’t something like this it wouldn’t be a MSU VS. U OF M game.
    But criminal assault charges??? really dude, how can you even file an assault charge during a hockey game, if that was possible, people would be filing assault charges every time there was an illegal hit. come on man.