Why should the opinions within these pages matter? What gives me or any blogger the right to spew out takes on Michigan football? Nothing really. No internet nerd in the blogosphere really know much about what is really happening in the locker room and on the sidelines.

This said I will offer up these credentials as a Michigan man and a Michigan fan, so take it for what it is worth:
– University of Michigan graduate (BA, LSA)
– Season Ticket Holder since 1989
– Alumni Assocation Member
– Victors Club Member
– Attended 4 Rose Bowls, 1 Orange Bowl, 1 Final Four
– Attended every Michigan State vs. Michigan game [home and away] since 1988

I’ve witnessed the following historical events first hand:
– Grbac to Howard on 4th down vs. Notre Dame
– “The Catch” at the hands of Colorado
– Chris Webber’s timeout (from 20 rows behind the Michigan bench)
– Desmond Howard’s Heisman pose punt return vs. OSU
– Woodson’s punt return vs. OSU
– The 1998 Rose Bowl/National Championship

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