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Michigan Defeats Florida, Avoids stigma of 4 loss season
ANN ARBOR, MI JANUARY 2, 2003 What an exciting game it was, as the Big Ten’s Michigan Wolverines outlasted the SEC Florida Gators to finish 10-3 on the year. Thanks four straight 4-loss seasons in the mid-nineties, that figure (4) has become the sign of mediocrity. Beating Florida on Jan 1 has made this a very good season for the Blue.

We ran the “muddle huddle” with coach Fro at Okemos High (I understand from Lew Popoff that Coach Smith runs that at East Lansing as well). Fro used to say it was good once a year. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, basically the muddle huddle is where most of the offensive team (except the snapper and kicker) lines up to the extreme side of the field during an extra point try after a TD. If the defense does not line up properly to defend it, a guy on the extreme side of the field signals for the ball. It is hiked and ideally run in for an easy 2 pt conversion– if you catch the defense off guard.

Florida tried to run this gimmick play against the Blue and got stuffed. I don’t know if the coaches just said give it a try, or whether the player on the field saw something, but it was stupid.

But that play paled in stupidity to the double reverse qb throwback that Florida tried with 1 minute to go. Rex Grossman was moving his team down the field and they had plenty of time. You can’t blame the guy who threw the interception on that play – he shouldn’t of had the ball in the first place.

Here’s another recap of the game: http://www.outbackbowl.com/facts/game03.html