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I’m sure everyone is sick of Mel Kiper & co. about now, but I just took a look at the 2008 draft projections on ESPN.com. [Speaking of Mel Kiper did you see his team-by-teams grades? No team got above a B+, no team got worse than a C. What a jerk.]. Despite Colin Cowherd’s proclamation that Lloyd Carr doesn’t develop players, Michigan football will figure very prominently in the draft next year. With a little luck, at least according to these projections, five (5) Wolverines could land in the first round next season. Here are a few highlights:

Long and Henne figured in the Top 10 Overall. I was a little surprised to see Henne. Here’s what they said:

4. Jake Long, OT, Michigan
Long could have been a top-10 pick in the 2007 draft but instead elected to return to Ann Arbor for his final season of eligibility. At 6-foot-7, 320 pounds with great experience and quick feet, there’s not many holes to pick in Long’s game. He missed nearly half of the 2005 season with an ankle injury but returned to form as a full-time starter last year. Another healthy and productive campaign in 2007 should land Long a top-10 spot in next year’s draft.

9. Chad Henne, QB, Michigan
Henne is an experienced starter with good size and arm strength. He’s not the type of quarterback that can carry a team, but he does an excellent job of managing games and distributing the ball to his playmakers. Henne made the wise decision of returning to school for his senior season in 2007. His accuracy and overall decision making must improve in order to warrant first-round consideration in the 2008 draft.

And in the rankings by position, Michigan showed up everywhere:
QBs: Henne #3
Running Backs: Mike Hart #3
Offensive Tackles: Jake Long #2
Guards: Adam Kraus #4
Safeties: Jamar Adams #3

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