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Michigan Football opens the gates again for fans in 2006
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN AUGUST 26, 2006 The Michigan Stadium gates swung open once again this year to allow the fans to meet the 2006 Wolverine coaches and players. We enjoyed the 90 minute warm embrace of the Michigan athletic department Saturday morning along with around 5,000 others. After last year’s logistical debacle they made some intelligent changes with the layout. By putting the players outside the stadium near the concession stands, they made better use of the space. They had freshman on the actual playing field which allowed more room for the kids to run around on the field and enjoy the day.

I got to see my new seats in Section 38 – a very nice improvement. Also, we saw the results of some of the infrastructure renovation. They poured new cement in most of the stadium and stamped the row number in large print.

Lew and Penny joined Abby and I for an hour or so as we toured around. Abby Dooley is under the impression that we attended an actual game and that Michigan won thanks in part to her efforts.

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