An interesting discovery during this evening’s media tour of the Michigan Stadium renovation project: the appearance Coca-Cola refrigerators and dispensers on the main concourse:

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And if I read the fountain logos correctly, the stadium will also feature Coke Zero from the fountain which is big.  It’s one of those issues that divides America but in my experience Coke drinkers seem to be more passionate about their brand. 

Michigan’s had a contract with Pepsi for quite a while now and it looks like those days are done.  How new is the change?  Not sure, but they haven’t tweaked the concessions price board on the concourse quite yet:


Will they be swapped out for the opener?  We’ll see.


On Michigan Going with Coca-Cola:

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More on the stadium renovation tour HERE.


  1. I have heard this as well… Coke everywhere on campus this year and no more Pepsi.

  2. Woo hoo for Coke Zero. And yes, this is pretty much exactly true, Coke drinkers do tend to be more brand passionate.

  3. To-MAY-toe – Ta-Mah-toe

    As long as they don’t run out of hot chocolate during the OSU game like they did to miserable years ago.

  4. formerlyanonymous

    Victory! Being a southerner, pepsi has always tasted funny to me. I’m more a Dr. Pepper and Coke person.

  5. I love Coke Zero (don’t care much for Diet Coke/ Diet Pepsi) so I’m thrilled.

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  7. Charles In Charge

    They should contract out with a local business and go to Faygo instead.

  8. The University of Michigan had suspended sales of Coca-Cola products on its three campuses over allegations that the company permits human rights and environmental abuses abroad in 2005. I guess money trumps ethics in this case, or at least makes them a little more flexible.

  9. Dools, great post as usual.

  10. There was absolutely no truth to the lies and allegations of human rights violations against Coca-Cola….the University should not be so naive as to cancel contracts (like they did in 2005) on the whims of rumors. Good to see Coke back on campus