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M Open Doors on Sunday to support Slade, Marrow Registry
In support of Dr. Tom Slade, M quarterback from ’71-’73 who has leukemia, Michigan sponsored a blood drive and bone marrow testing event at the Junge Family Center on Sunday after the game.

Abby and I stopped by to check it out and to join for the bone marrow registry. It was very simple: fill out a form, primarily with contact info for me and my alternative contacts, and take a swab of my cheeks (mouth, that is). They provide 4 bar-coded swab sticks (like long q-tips), and a kit to store and mail in the swabs.

It is a common misperception that they need blood or marrow to determine your ‘type’, but all they actually need is some DNA. Overall, the whole process took about ten minutes. Here’s more information about the event and how to get involved.

As far as the Junge Family Center – while I didn’t get a full tour, it seemed pretty basic. A large room with some nice wide screen TV monitors around the perimeter. Certainly it is a perfect gathering place before the games for players’ families.

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