09. November 2006 · Comments Off on Michigan National Championship Scenarios · Categories: Archive 2003, BCS, Rose Bowl

You love it but it’s not going to happen. Or will it?
Here are the ways Michigan can still win at least a piece of the national championship:

1. Win Sugar Bowl. I don’t know what would is a tougher challenge, Michigan beating Oklahoma or Michigan getting to the Sugar Bowl. If USC and LSU both lose, there is a very good shot that Michigan would make it to the BCS championship game. Win, and Michigan will automatically be declared the national champion. Odds: 2%.

2. Win the Rose Bowl, AND… Yes, Michigan can still win the national championship if they play in the Rose Bowl. While the Sugar Bowl winner is automatically the ESPN/Coaches national champ, the Associated Press still votes after the bowls are complete. For this to be a reasonable assumption, a two-loss LSU, Georgia, or Tennessee would need to upset Oklahoma in the Sugar, and Michigan would need to take down USC in the Rose Bowl. If a one-loss USC makes it to the Sugar Bowl and wins, Michigan won’t get the AP vote. Odds: 4%.

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