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It’s no secret that Michigan Replay died this year and this evening on mgoblue.com they announced the new format. It’ll actually be called ‘Inside Michigan Football’ and will air on Fox Sports Detroit on Thursday and be rerun on Friday’s at midnight on ABC:

“The title of the show is exactly what it will be,” said producer and director Patrick McLaughlin. “We will have a level of access that few programs in the country allow. We’ll be at every practice, in the locker room and behind the scenes every football Saturday. This will truly be an inside look at Michigan football.”

I won’t miss the old format and I’m really not looking forward to the new. What I will miss is that funky theme song:

They certainly won’t be able to use that theme anymore but here a couple suggestions for Preplay:

Elsewhere: Jim Carty’s practice notes from today revealed some nice nuggets:

On Sam McGuffie and Michael Shaw:

McGuffie and Shaw are two guys that will not be redshirted – they’ll play,” the coach said. “They’ve done enough to convince us that they can contribute as freshmen, and I think as much mentally as physically. The biggest drawback for a freshman coming in is, can they mentally handle the schemes and the pace, all the things that go on with it? Those two have shown that they can.

On Justin Feagin’s lack of progress:

Tuesday morning, Rodriguez seemed to rule freshman Justin Feagin out of the competition. “He’s got a long way to go mentally,” the coach said, “because he’s got so much to learn.”

On the quarterback situation, where Nick Sheridan‘s name seems to be coming up more and more:

Former walk-on Nick Sheridan and Georgia Tech transfer Steven Threet remained very close, he said, adding that both would play if the season started today (then semi-grumbling that he didn’t really like the hypothetical).

Come practice time, though, it didn’t look all that close.

Sheridan played with efficiency and a swagger, smoothly running through his drills, delivering almost all his short- and medium-range passes with accuracy and zip.

Threet wasn’t bad, he just wasn’t good, and certainly didn’t seem as steady as Sheridan. In one red zone passing drill, his pass drilled into the ground just in front of a receiver cutting back to the middle of the field.

“I pray to God you never throw the ball like that in a game,” offensive line coach Greg Frey snapped.

“If you’re in the game,” offensive coordinator Calvin McGee added.

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