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Lloyd Carr devises a Plan to keep the Jug

Michigan wins thriller, takes Little Brown jug home another year
As I like to do, I brieftly visited Mr. and Mrs. Crouse on the way into section 22. I cheerily offered to Mr. Crouse that it was a beautiful day for a game. Mr. Crouse quickly replied, “Aren’t they all?”.

Indeed they are. But some football Saturdays inside Michigan Stadium are better than others. You can go ahead put this version of the brawl for the Brown Jug right up there with the greatest I’ve ever seen.

Exhausted of all timeouts, 87 yards away and needing nothing less than a touchdown, led by a true freshman QB. And what did they do? You know darn well what they did, but it was something to experience.

They actually showed the highlight (along with Bob Ufer’s call) of the Johnny Wangler to Anthony Carter on the scoreboard during the game, reminding the crowd of great homecoming finishes. Obviously this win pales in comparison to the Wangler to Carter play, which is probably the greatest single play in 125 glorious years of Michigan football. [Side note: As the started the film of this highlight, the guy sitting next to me in the stands said to his buddy “I’ve seen this play before”. No kidding man – I’ve only seen that play 1,000 times. Hey pal, there’s this new video of O.J. fleeing in a white Bronco].

Michigan won despite 3 turnovers – all in the second half. The story line, besides the final drive (and the Tom Brady-like calmness) of true freshman Chad Henne, was the overall performance of Henne, but also of fellow true freshman TB Mike Hart, who ran very hard and ended with over 200 total yards. The two ‘utes led this team to victory.

Meanwhile, Michigan did a decent job of stopping Minnesota rushing powerhouses Marion Barber and Laurence (not-so-phony)* Maroney. Maroney did get loose on an incredible 80 yard run and he was flying.

Other quick takes:– I’ve heard a few people comment that there seems to be more room in the always tight Michigan stadium seats. After some analysis, I’ve concluded that this must be the result of the Atkins craze. Your thoughts?
– Ol’ Michigan still has a lot of work to do. I haven’t seen much of Purdue, but I’m thinking that they are going to have a lot of trouble in that one.
– Re: some of the boos. I don’t understand why people boo the plays by the individual players. I can understand maybe booing the play calling, the refs, and the other team, but why people needed to rain boos upon the Michigan punter, Adam Finley, after a couple bad punts escapes me. Finley is one of the best punters in the league if not the country – he made a couple bad kicks. Don’t you think he gets enough grief from Coach Grumpy Carr? Don’t you think he puts enough pressure on himself to support his team? Come on.

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