[Ed 7/15/2010.  For Photos of the July 2010 Tour, click here]

A great chance for the media to take a look at the new Michigan Stadium luxury suites and renovations.  We started with a brief presentation from in the Junge Family Center then toured both sides of the renovation.


  • Loved it.  First class layout of the suites and the view of the field is excellent.
  • The suites were a little smaller than I figured but they are first class and really, there’s a lot of room.  Include a kitchenette, a “living” area with chairs, and the seating is top notch.  And you can open the windows of the suite for air, ambiance or to hurl toilet paper like in the 70s.
  • If I heard it correctly, 70% percent of the suites are “sold” (I think that means they have committed deposits) along with 70% of the club seating.  Not bad considering it’s more than a year out and I image it’s hard for a lot of companies to commit to something beyond the current fiscal year.   We’ll see how things go over the next year.
  • You might think that suite owners will surrender their existing season tickets because, duh, they’ll be in the suites.  I asked this question during the tour and the initial response was that many suite owners intend to hold onto their existing tickets.  So, I guess anyone thinking their be a huge opportunity to move between the 40s in the next few years – I don’t see it.
  • The suites will hold 16 people, and suite owners will get two passes to let standing room only guests enter in the fourth quarter.  There is also an option for suite owners to buy four additional passes for the entire game, standing room only.  I took a gander from behind the seats and the view is also great and there’s plenty of room.  I think they could sell them an additional 8 passes FWIW.
  • I asked one of the gents leading the tour if they announced what time folks could enter the suites before the game.  He told me they were thinking 2 1/2 hours prior.
  • The new press box looked huge to me and there are no beams obstructing the view.  The press won out on this: they are on the west side of the stadium and won’t have to contend with the sun.
  • As mentioned, while not part of the renovation I noticed that the folks from Coke scored a biggie: the University of Michigan contract. Pepsi’s out.
  • Crisler looks sadder and sadder with every new touch they put on the renovation.  That place has got to go.

Enjoy a few photos from the day.  I want a suite:

[Ed 7/15/2010.  For Photos of the July 2010 Tour, click here]



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  2. I did not realize that the I in Michigan Stadium was falling over. I also hope they save the letters…and the Eagle. I like the eagle.

  3. I usually sit in one of the sections just below the press box and the eagle, and I’ve seen it before (but never, of course, from above the press box). I overheard a few media heavyweights mentioning they didn’t know it was there, although I’m not sure how they would.

  4. Be careful for what you wish. When they replace Crisler, the luxury boxes will not be behind where the fans sit.

  5. I’m excited about the newest updates around the stadium and can’t wait to be there in a couple of weeks!! My only major disappointment is UM changing to Coke from Pepsi!!!! No more Mt. Dew or Pepsi?? THAT SUCKS! I want to start a petition to bring back Pepsi!!

  6. WRT the new pressbox, wasn’t the old pressbox on the west side of the stadium?

    Also, are they going to keep the exhisting Michigan Stadium sign over the current pressbox for sentimental reasons?

    • Yes, the existing press box is on the west side of the stadium. The surprise in keeping it there (to me) is that the West side is the more valuable side (at least to me), out of the sun especially for noon games. Now, the boxes are air conditioned and it’s not like the sun is in your eyes, but FWIW. When you are selling $85,000 boxes I’d think that this would take the priority.

      Re: the iconic Art Deco ‘Michigan Stadium’ signage – I’m not 100% sure but per mgoblog: “the classic art deco lettering on top of the press box is going to be saved but they don’t know what they’re going to do with it. It had previously been rumored to be headed for the entrance tunnel.

  7. Agree with everything except your call to demolish Crisler. It can be renovated. The “bones” of the structure are sound. It just hasn’t been kept up to shape.

  8. my uncle lived inside the stadium in the old house that used to be there e-mail me if u no the tweedy's