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Quick takes on the Michigan versus. Central Michigan game 2003:
– The artificial field is going to be a big boost for Michigan. The players loved it and felt they could really show their true speed. I hear you could smell the rubber throughout the stadium.
– The offense could have racked up as many points as they wanted to. The only downside was the dropped passes. Braylon Edwards is on Coach Carr’s s-list and the rumor is that Edwards has big ideas about the way things should be run, and they differ from the ideas of the coaching staff.
– The defense giving up over 200 rushing is no good. They will be better next week against Houston but we’ll really know the deal when Notre Dame visits on Sept. 13.
– The fans didn’t throw marshmallows on the field, but I bet the opposing fans will in the coming weeks if people keep talking about it.
– Navarre is listed in the New York Times as one of six people on their Heisman Watch. He had good numbers on Saturday but they could have been better if the receivers held onto the ball. I thought Matt Gutierrez looked pretty good late in the game. He connected on a very nice rollout pass.
– RS freshman Steve Breaston was hyped big time this off season, and he had a great game and just about broke off a big punt return for a TD. Again, let’s wait until the ND game to see how these guys can play.
– I really liked the huge holes the line opened for Chris Perry. And Perry ran real hard – I am sure he loves the artificial turf as well.
– Ann Arbor News columnist Jim Cnockaert correctly predicted the final score of Saturday’s game (45-7) in his pregame article.

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