1. Thanks for posting that. Brings back memories, but they sure have done a lot of construction since I graduated 10 years ago! The dining hall stuck to Mojo looks really nice! The b-school looks amazing. And I remember riding my bike down the hill from Markley down past the hospital to get to my engin classes up at north campus. That, and biking down the hill at 1am with my buddies. I had a bike computer and can confirm that we hit 40+ mph down Medical Center Drive. We also used to study at Taubman and would walk past Mott to get back to Markley on occasion. And speaking of the Arb, we also did the midnight cafeteria tray sledding. Fun stuff.

    Memories of Michigan…

  2. Orion is such an eyesore in the art museum picture. Hell, it’s an eyesore in general.