How about this: LSU loses in the SEC Championship game and Illinois squeaks out an at-large BCS bowl bid. The Capital One bowl would then essentially be picking from the remaining Big Ten teams for that game. It’d come down to Michigan or Wisconsin. LSU most certainly drop out of BCS bowl contention with 2 consecutive losses and coud likely end up in the Capital One.

It’d be a circus under almost any circumstance. Here’s four different scenarios, each brings its own level of creepy weirdness:
– Michigan hasn’t yet selected a new coach and Miles is a candidate. Is Bill Martin evaluating Miles during the game?
– Michigan already signed Miles. Pretty weird. Is it some kind of love fest all week? I think we’d find out if Carr really doesn’t like Miles as rumored.
– Michigan has already signed someone else (not Miles) or confirmed that Miles isn’t a candidate. And Miles is pissed.
– Miles was offered the job but turned it down. Wow.


  1. I just realized this and found your site on the internet. What you haven’t considered is that the Outback bowl gets the two teams left over from the SEC and Big 10 after the Capital One bowl gets their match-up. Why not Illinois v. Florida and then LSU v. Michigan at the Outback?

  2. Yep, certainly a possibility if LSU loses but I wonder if the Capital One would pass at the opportunity to make this happen, should the opportunity present itself.