From Adam Rittenberg’s’s Big Ten blog, ‘Mailbag’ edition:

John from Milwaukee writes: Michigan’s team did lose some talent. But they’ve got 7 returners on defense, and they’ve had Top 10 or Top 12 recruiting classes the last two years. I think the biggest factor, which people are missing, is Mike Barwis, the new trainer.

Adam Rittenberg writes: You’re right about the young talent being there, especially at the skill positions. And I don’t think anyone is overlooking Barwis, who gets as much publicity as Barack Obama.


Yes. Full article here.


  1. I have pictures and audio from that 1950 Army show. I will provide later tonight.

    (Last year, I worked with an old MMB alumnus to compile a slideshow out of his old photographs and wire recordings.)

  2. Oh rats, I posted under the wrong article.