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Earlier this week Free Press writer Mick McCabe joined “the dean” of Lansing sports Tim Staudt and talked about John U. Bacon’s new book, Three and Out.

He’s got a lot of opinions for a book he admitted he didn’t read (“I don’t read fiction”). 

Hat tip to Papa D


  1. thanks for posting this Greg. How can anyone believe a word Mick McCabe says when he dresses up like a fool? Its not 1970 any more. Your schtick is WEAK Mick. Swami is the stupidest thing in the world. What about Brandy? Why would he lie about Rosenberg telling him “i’m going to get him”? Fiction my foot. How can Mick McCabe say he is objective on this matter? Mike Rosenberg’s book is dedicated to him fergodsakes. McCabe’s evidence that Rosenberg wrote 1! positive column about Rich and that makes it impossible that he did not change his mind later? Rosenberg wrote that column a year plus before the investigation came out. The fact that Dave Brandon and the Freep are pissed about the book tells me that John told the truth. No one likes their dirty laundry aired out for the world to see and JUB did it perfectly. John makes it explicitly clear that MSC, LC and DB wouldn’t talk to him and refute the story of Rich. Because of that he should not publish the book? The Freep admitted that did not talk to every football player. They talked to players that were mad at Rich. Again how are we supposed to believe what those hacks wrote. Mick you are wrong and the Free Press took freshman’s words out of context and then spun a tale that was simply not true.

  2. And that’s coming straight from the Dean.

  3. @MVictors Bacon’s book is upsetting and troubling. Not sure how much of it to believe. It is pro-RR, who wasn’t totally innocent.