Looked great, says he feels great.  Guessing his helmet has wings.

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  1. Games are won and lost in the trenches. I love the attitudes of players like Martin, Molk and Omameh. They just seem to get it. I read all the articles about guys not being in shape or simply not buying into what the team is trying to accomplish. My question is: how could you not be focused and ready to contribute after the last few seasons the team has had? I never like to single players out but if last season didn't leave a bad taste in your mouth what does… If everyone brought the same drive and desire to be great like Roh and RVB, (sorry I can't name all the guys putting in the work), we would be fine. I'm a homer I live in Michigan but I have a special affinity for all the in-state kids, almost like a parent hating to admit they have a favorite. But I love to hear about Demens, The Gordons' and nothing would make me happier than to hear Big Will's name mentioned as something more than back-up depth. Come on Big Guy put it together for the home team!!!!!