22. May 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: 2011

Thanks to reader & memorabilia collector Dennis Dail for sending this over.  Like you, Dennis was checking out the unofficial, non-non-non final model renderings of the Notre Dame throwback jersey:

Like a few folks, Dennis isn’t crazy about the designs and is a little puzzled finding a tie to jerseys in M football history.  

But…he did find a potential source of inspiration in his collection of wire photos—from the Michigan hockey program!  Check out this wire photo of 1938 goalie William Chase:

Michigan Hockey 1938 William Chase

So there you go.  As mentioned, I’d like to see something more along these lines.  And as my man MGoShoe tweeted, if stripes are inevitable slap them on the makeshift shoulder pads:


Then again…I liked the car Homer designed (except for the color):



  1. Maybe the stripes are there to fit with Adidas’ standard visual branding (i.e., ‘the brand with the three stripes’)? And yes, I can count past 3, but there are several ways that could be explained.

  2. I’ve read elsewhere that the big M on the front would violate NCAA uniform standards (there has to be a large numeral on the front). Is it possible that what the Freep leaked as a ND game throwback is in fact a concept for the Big Chill that wasn’t used?