I rare 30 minute trip inside the postgame locker room including a few moments with David Molk, who was chilling out in the aftermath of the big win.

7 molkOn what happened  before the game:

Molk:  “I was fine before we got here.  As pregame went through, one thing led to another and something happened.”

On whether it was his call not to go versus the coaches/trainers:

Molk: “I was waiting for feeling.  Once I got that…it’s humanly impossibly for me to sit and watch football when I’m dressed up.   So I figured it out, taped it up…and went at it.”

Chris Balas asked if he was “fighting for his life” on the field:

Molk: “I don’t know if I was fighting for my life.  I still had one leg.  Come on, I squat a ton [laughs] so one leg’s good enough.”

On the idea of getting a championship ring:

Molk: “We actually talked about.  We weren’t even positive we’d get a ring after this game.  It used to always a be a Big Ten championship or nothing.    You know, we didn’t win a Big Ten championship but at the same time it’s a BCS bowl game.  Something to remember you’d want to show to your grandkids and your grandkids’ grandkids.  It’d be something to carry on.”


Jim Brandstatter stopped by and praised him for battling out there.  Molk said he was "just doing what a Michigan Man is supposed to do."   Love it.

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    1. We’ll miss David Molk for sure, as well as the rest of this senior class. Not easy to find athletes with that kind of determination, dedication, resolve, and sense of responsibility these days.