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[ed. 10-6 8:28pm   Noted Hondo also has traditional radio affiliates.]

Are you familiar with Hondo Carpenter’s work?   He runs SpartanNation.com and broadcasts live on the web and across his affiliate radio network from 6-9 ET on his show, Spartan Nation Radio.  You can listen live via this link.

It’s very interactive with callers, tweets, emails, etc. and the guests he books are outstanding—coaches, former and current players, recruits, and media.  I think Michigan could use a show like this in the evening and I wouldn’t be surprised to see something pop up in the next couple years.

Anyway, I’ve been on a few times now and Hondo asked me to join him on Monday night at 8pm.

We talked a little bit on the rivalry, a lot on Denard Robinson, a bit about Brock Mealer (I know the accident happened in ’07, not sure why I said last year), a prediction and even a little more about Denard.  Check it out:

Much of the talk about town is who has more "on the line" in this game.   Hondo didn’t ask me about this but if he had I would have said something like this.   Traditionally that answer is easy, it’s Michigan State.  This year I think Rich Rod and Michigan have much more on the line and I think you could argue that the future of Michigan football is in the balance.  That might be a little strong but here’s the deal: lose for a third straight year to State and you know the heat is back on Rodriguez and I’d say his future with this team is in question, or at least going to be assessed game to game as the season ticks away.  Win and we’ve earned the bowl game and he’s almost certainly coming back barring a complete disaster the rest of the way.

I’m tentatively slated to be back on Friday with Hondo so stayed tuned.

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