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As a follow to last weekend’s post featuring a comic book recapping exploits of U-M great Tom Harmon, check this out.

Thanks to local collector Ken Magee, owner of Ann Arbor Sports Memorabilia, a few more instances where Michigan legends were featured in comic books back in the day.  Each of these are from editions of Treasure Chest, a children’s publication that ran from 1946 to 1972.

First up, check out the cover from 1956, featuring Bump Elliott:

Photo Jan 12, 1 46 48 PM 

The pages inside locked down on the 1948 Rose Bowl, one of my favorites, where your Wolverines hoodwinked and whipsawed the Trojans 49-0.   Before getting into the Mad Magicians route it warmed my heart that it led off with a salute to Yost’s perfectly perfect 1902 Rose Bowl squad, including a cartoon reincarnation of the 1901 team photo:

Photo Jan 12, 1 47 27 PM

 1901 Michigan Team Photo 

Also heart warming— a diagram of Bob Chappuis’ epic jump pass to Bump Elliott in the 2nd quarter:

Photo Jan 12, 1 47 48 PM

  “Gee, sweet TV!”  (And tight M formation!):

Photo Jan 12, 1 49 02 PM

And again, it closes with a salute to the 1901 squad:

Photo Jan 12, 1 48 49 PM

And I guess this finally settles the question of who was rightful recipient of the 1947 national title between Michigan and Notre Dame:

Photo Jan 12, 1 48 34 PM 

Along with the Chap, Treasure Chest featured Tom Harmon in 1950.  From the inside:

Photo Jan 12, 1 45 25 PM

This one went more through Harmon’s entire life, pre- and post-football, including his days at Horace Mann high in Indiana, through Michigan to his service as a pilot, along with his broadcasting career.

From his Michigan days:

Photo Jan 12, 1 44 36 PM

It adds a salute to his boy Forest Evashevski, the straw that stirred the drink that was the 1940 squad and the man who paved the path to Harmon’s Heisman.  Well done:

Photo Jan 12, 1 44 51 PM 

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  1. Greg, #18 is Bump, not Chap.

  2. Here’s a thought for Dave Brandon and the marketing folks. Take a look at that children’s publication and model a future throwback uniform after the one worn by number 18. From the helmet, all the way down to the socks and solid black shoes. That’s an old school uniform we could all get behind!