Since we posted Dave Shand’s comments on his firing from WTKA this site has been getting peppered. I think this is a testament to the loyal fan base Shand developed in the area. While there are two sides to every story you can bet without an inquiry from a legitimate media source we won’t be hearing from Bill Martin’s office. While Shand is certainly one to rattle some cages, I don’t believe anyone questions his character: he’s an unquestioned ‘Michigan Man’, a former M player, coach, NHL’er, an attorney, and of all things, on the current payroll as a lecturer on sports law within the department of Kinesiology on campus. Not convinced? Check out this piece that ran in the Michigan Daily last summer.

This whole situation begs so many questions. I’ll start with Shand’s ties to the athletic department. You have to assume Shand has a strong relationship with Red Berenson. What does Coach Red think about this? I gathered from listening to the morning show that Lloyd Carr is supposedly listed as a reference on Dave’s resume – what does Carr think? Remember the kind words Coach Carr had for former WTKA afternoon host Dennis Fithian when he was let go? I’m sure Carr’s intent was also a blast at WTKA. With so many close direct ties to both the school and the athletic department, isn’t someone going to bat for Shand? I mean, what exactly did Shand say?

I didn’t hear the Monday show but something like this doesn’t happen this fast over a single comment. Even the Imus thing took a few days to explode. Recently I did hear Shand blast (he really went hard) the Deans of several of the schools at within the university, and called at least one of the Deans out by name. I recall thinking this was harsh. This was a few weeks ago. Did this bubble up to the AD’s desk?

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