15. September 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: 2011

If you thought Saturday’s flyover was a bit of a bust, you weren’t alone.  I first heard this from a WTKA 1050AM caller on Tuesday morning, but word is that the Goodyear blimp was supposed to clear the area prior to scheduled flight, but didn’t (or couldn’t) for whatever reason. 

The crew wisely said “safety first” and performed the flyover from a safe but obviously less exciting distance.  Certainly the crew is forgiven for that.

But the crew of the blimp?  Not so fast my dirigible driving buddies.  The next time the blimp is over a game it just needs to flash this message—and all will be forgiven:



  1. I smell a conspiracy–that blimp is based in Akron, Ohio.

  2. Notice the colors of the blimp. Maize and Blue! The CEO of Goodyear was a Michigan grad and changed the colors some 15 years ago.

  3. I thought the flyover was awesome (fart sound).