#HALOL blimp
If you don’t know what this means, you don’t know @bacari34 – HALOL!

Blanket coverage of the game with sound, video and analysis by Dylan and Joe (damn, Joe’s voice kinda of sounds like mine) over at UMHoops where Beilein talks about moving the fence.  Check out AnnArbor.com as well.

So what were you doing/saying/feeling as this shot went up?


Me: I let out a “COME. ON.”   But it wasn’t a jubilant “Come On!” and it certainly wasn’t a “Come On” that you give when the punt returner fumbles or someone takes a bad shot.   It was more like “COMEON.” like you are trying to lift a heavy weight (like a gorilla off your back) or open a brutally tight lid on a jar.  Or open a heavy jar with a tight lid.  Whatever.

P.S. Lucas was unbelievable.  I was in Breslin back in the day when Steve Smith absolutely KILLED Michigan and Kalin’s second half run reminded me of that performance.

Dang this win is sweet and Disco Stu’s shot was absolutely perfect.   Props to Novak, Stu and the whole crew for a unexpected great night.


  1. I was sitting in Brelsin (kind of extend a line between Douglass and the hoop, 25 rows up) and as he shot, I jumped up with my arms outstretched, and let out a STUUUUUUUUUUU. It was wonderful.

  2. What a game man! I was worried when things got real tight there at the end, but then… STU came up BIG.

    GO BLUE!

  3. Can you guys feel it, the tide slowly changing, a young basketball team that might be pretty damn dangerous next year, I'd like to see Coach B recruit more big men, especially in-state and use them more, like Horford last nite. And with Hoke coming on board, I really feel this decade is going to be a great one!

    "This is Michigan for God's Sake" Go Blue!!!!

  4. I won’t lie – I was scared to death. But I usually have faith in Stu – he’s got one of the prettiest-looking shots. What’s cool is that this was kind of redemption for him: last year he was in a similar situation in the game at Crisler and missed the three (followed by Lucas draining the game-winner). Now he gets the last laugh.