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An interesting segment on WTKA this morning when Kevin Grady, Sr., called up to discuss his sons, both of whom are kind of on the football team(?).  Last we heard Kevin, the former high school phenom, was dinged for not living up to the terms of his drunk driving probation.

The younger son Kelvin Grady quit the hoops team after the season, but now appears poised to join the crew in Schembechler Hall on Rich Rod’s squad.

Here’s the audio:

Here’s a few notes:

  • On Kelvin, he said football offered him first out of high school and he actually committed to both football and basketball.   Kelvin prefers a “more up-tempo style” of hoops.
  • Rodriguez’s offense “suits Kelvin real well.” and “It’s going to be a good fit.”
  • Kelvin has 58 credits left to graduate, and wants to get his degree.
  • “He never wanted to look back” and say what if?
  • When asked where Rich Rod might put Kelvin: “Maybe a slot receiver.”
  • Sam Webb asked him about Kevin’s status.  “When we look at Kevin, the kid has done some remarkable things in his career [in high school].”
  • “Kevin has always been a role model and he’s done the right thing.”
  • “The kid made a mistake.”
  • “Once you are in the spotlight, you’re giving the media and everybody the opportunity to throw that dart at you. And that’s what happened.”
  • “There’s a lot people out there that have DUIs that never went through what he went through, but the media’s out there to sell papers.”
  • “He’s trying to focus on his last year of football.”
  • Regarding whether he violated his probation: “Anybody that knows Kevin knows he’s going to do what he has to do.  Those accusations are not [correct]…There was no timeframe on his probation of when he had to fulfill [the terms of the probation].”
  • “Kev’s a good kid, he made a mistake, I think they have to recognize that.”
  • “There’s no reason he shouldn’t be on [the football team this year].”

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