I try to catch the Red Berenson show on WTKA Tuesday nights when I can.  There’s always a great line or story that makes it worth the listen and this week was no exception.  

Here’s the very last segment of the show where host Ira Weintraub asks Coach Berenson about recruiting players like Swedish phenom Carl Hagelin:

Two notes:

  • Gotta love Red mimicking the conversation between he and Boris in Berenson’s Saskatchewanese.
  • I actually met Boris last fall.  He came to a party a friend threw for the Wisconsin game.  I was told Carl Hagelin’s dad was going to show and I had a picture of this old, fair-haired Swede in my head.  Boris shows up and he’s really not much older than I am.  Things that happen as you approach 40.   Anyway, the hockey team was struggling and I asked Boris what the problem was.  He offered up a single sentence (paraphrasing): 90% effort isn’t good enough.  Hearing this I put down the handful of Cheetos, drove home and tore off 9 semi-perfect push-ups.

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  1. Look at all the Windows Live shadowing going on there from the back-and-forth between blogs. I’m tempted to grab that and re-shadow again, and see how far this can go before Hagelin’s NHL career is over.