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Above, check out a video of the 2005 MSU flag-planting incident in South Bend

Five in a row in South Bend?
SALINE, MI SEPTEMBER 18, 2005 A half time you knew this was going to be a classic. Congratulations to the Spartans for an impressive 44-41 win over ND, and now five straight wins against the Irish on the road? Wow.

This game sparks a bunch of thoughts. Five thoughts on the game:
1. Five straight in South Bend? My god, what a feat. From the perspective of the Michigan fan, there are few things going on with MSU Football that bring on feelings of envy for those in Ann Arbor. This is certainly one. The Spartan’s dominance over the past decade over the Irish is amazing. It is comparable with Michigan’s dominance over John Cooper’s Ohio State teams.

2. No TD for Irish. For Irish fans grumbling about the play where MSU knocked the ball away on the goal line. It was close, but couldn’t be overturned. Chad Henne was probably in the end zone on first down last week (before fumbling on second down), and that wasn’t even reviewed. My advice: take your beatings like men.

3. Planting the Spartan Flag. For Irish fans concerned that excited Spartan players (see above – #14 should’ve had a V8) took a flag out of the stands and planted in on their field, as if to indicate this was Sparty’s House. The Domers are lucky they didn’t plant a turd on the field after five straight wins. Lou Holtz said next flag they plant will be a white flag as in ‘we surrender’. I’m sure the Spartans are real concerned about that. Perhaps a white flag, yes, but with a large S on it.

4. We still love the Irish. Reflecting on the results on all of Saturday’s games, ESPN clown Lee Corso was asked what team made the biggest impression on him. I swear to you, he picked Notre Dame. He said that Notre Dame’s ability to stick in there and make a comeback was the most impressive thing to him today. What a joke.

5. Showdown in East Lansing? Once again, if Michigan and Michigan State can hold up their ends of the deal, the Dooley Brothers show down could be another classic.

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