The 76th annual Mud Bowl was held outside the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the corner of South University and Washtenaw Saturday. SAE defeated Phi Kappa Psi 36-16, never really looking back after scoring the first three touchdowns of the game. It was the 11th straight win for the host squad.

Tri-Delts and Alpha Phi sororities squared off at half time and I think the fans were the real winners in that battle. I’ve got some video I’ll post later.

The event raised around $15,000 for University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital and the Make a Wish Foundation.

Update:  And how about a few clips from the big day, you might like this if you’re one of those freaks who enjoys girls, mud and wrestling.


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  2. I really doesnt look much different then 15 years ago. did you go in the house? Is it still a shithole?

  3. What happened to the phi delts? Did they finally close that house for being the losers we always though they were? :)

  4. The Phi Delts came back in 2003. They now have a much bigger house than SAE. SAE was lame and made it a tourney to get into the mud bowl, instead of the historical PDT vs. SAE. They are scared.

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