Michigan SAE Mud Bowl

The SAE Mud Bowl is Saturday, my sources (HT: GV) tell me the home team will face FIJI in the annual slopfest.   I’m still unclear if two teams of ladies will entertain during halftime.

Game time is around 9am and I’ve got the early line at FIJI –6.   The visitors feature quarterback Ben Fry, a standout in high school at Grosse Pointe South who was also on the U-M varsity roster last year.   While success on a regular field doesn’t always translate to the mud, I understand Fry is quite a weapon.  We’ll see.

The event benefits Mott Children’s Hospital once again this year.

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  1. Ill throw $1000 on that line right now

  2. That line is a joke. Ben Fry won’t last the first half, that twig will break down like the little bitch that he is

  3. fiji all day bitch fry’s going off


  5. SAE will get a phantom penalty call for them like last time they met Fiji in the finals, so I’m looking forward to that again this time when they get down early…

  6. Anyone know if the sorority game will be back this year???

  7. Can’t wait!!! its supposed to be warmer….mud wrestling after the game!!

  8. Fuck SAE

  9. Fry won’t

  10. I heard FIJI has some ruthless players–look for those SAE kids to be swimming in their own pond

  11. Scouting Report:


    Fry is easily their biggest asset. Ran for two touchdowns in the semi finals and can make great cuts with surprising speed. However, he is their only offensive threat.

    On defense, they are quick to the line but need to work on their pass coverage. They blitz frequently however need to be able to drop back to cover


    Their offensive line weighs in at over 600 lbs. Talemt is evenly spread, with a many talented receivers. New running back looks promising.

    On defense, the Captian David Lutz, former mud bowl MVP, is sure to shut down any rushing efforts. Defensive line alone can squat a combined 975 lbs and bench a combined 705 lbs

    Line: SAE by 7

  12. UPDATE:

    Fresh on the rumor mill is FIJI star quarterback Ben Fry will be sitting out Saturday’s matchup due to a severe high ankle injury sustained in the semi finals vs AEPi. Rumors swirling say freshman pledge Drew Petkus will be directing the explosive FIJI offense at the starting quarterback position. Statistically more of a pocket passer, look for their air game to flourish. Don’t count out his feet however, as the shifty 6’2 stud will take to the ground after checking his reads and spotting out the cover 2 defense. Should be a shootout nonetheless. Can’t wait

    Line: .5 Fiji

  13. Sex drugs pike

  14. SAE is past it’s prime. It’ll never be what it was and will only continue to get worse with every gimpy pledge class they can manage to scrounge up in these coming years.

  15. ^fiji is tier 2

  16. I’m kind of scared of that Michael Pokorny kid. Dude is an animal.

  17. Fry I’m comin for your slankass just like I did at the south days were partyng all night friday into mudbowl pregame i’l be ready to eat you come game time at starting safety

  18. SAE isn’t a fraternity anymore @hey

  19. you guys bang chicks, we bang chicks, hey we all bang chicks

  20. Heard Fry was neutered, thats a bummer.

  21. Gruetzmaker’s Mark will be ending people’s lives. WILLY GRUETZ WHERE YOU AT

  22. How come you college kids have to be “anonymous”? I’m Mark Waters,Michigan-Phi Gamma Delta, class of 83″. Proud to be a FIJI. Wish both teams the best. It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine.GO BLUE!