This week’s Tuesday’s Question piece on asked panelists to ‘Give three things you’re absolutely sure of going into this year’. John Harris provided this take:

….no university recruiting video will ever be worse than the Appalachian State “Hot, Hot, Hot” video. Just go to You Tube and feel the heat.

Check it out. It’s unbearable to watch yet you can’t look away:

Elsewhere in the piece, columnist Richard Cirminiello offered that he’s 98% sure that…

Michigan will lose a game this year that it’s not supposed to. Yeah, the Wolverines are all the rage in the Big Ten and the offense will be nifty, but that offense wasn’t enough to overcome a defense that got ripped by Ohio State and USC late in 2006. You know, the same defense that’s trying to replace its best pass rusher, run stuffer, linebacker, and cornerback.

I guess my question to Richard is to define a game Michigan is not supposed to win this year from where we sit. I mean, just like almost any year, isn’t Michigan supposed to win every game save possibly the bowl game? Each year the Blue are favored in just about every game with the occasional exception of Ohio State or Notre Dame, right? To suggest that they’ll probably lose a game isn’t a stretch. Even if you assume Michigan has a 95% chance of winning each of its 13 games, that still leaves it about even money that the schedule will yield a loss.


  1. Maybe the Big House scoreboard operator will welcome App St. to Ann Arbor by playing that video when the Mountaineers take the field on Sept. 1. That’ll make ’em feel right at home. It sounds like Carol Brady, backed by the Silver Platters. And now I can’t get the damn song out of my head.

    …. even when the weather is cold, cold, cold, Appalachain St. is hot, hot, hot …. and proud as a peacock …. doo bee dooo ….

  2. … the guitar solo…. dear god… the guitar solo….