I wore these little beauties this weekend:

My Adidas

A few folks asked what the story is on these – it’s just pretty cool service available from adidas.  Basically you can take many of the shoes/cleats/whatever from their catalog and trick them out your cotton-pickin’ maize and blue hearts content. 

Go to adidas.com and click on customize.   Once you pick a style (menu of styles on the left toolbar) you want to start with you’ll be sent into a widget where you trick out the shoes – piece by piece, element by element, soles to lace eyelets .  Here’s a screen shot of the widget doing its thing:

Tricked Out 

Tips and FYIs:

  • If you want the older school maize, go with the ‘gold’ color if it is available on your shoe.  The yellow is more like the high maize you see on the unis today.
  • The uniform blue is a richer (more navy-like) blue, the bluebird blue is UCLA-ish.
  • The shoes are suitable quality (I’ve worn mine around for a few days) but don’t expect to get quality on par with a shoe you can buy off the shelf.
  • The lettering (at least on my shoes MVICTORS) was embroidered which was a nice touch.
  • They said it would take 4-5 weeks for delivery but I got mine in about 10 days.
  • Most of the styles are $85 (up to $100), and shipping is around $15. 
  • Pro Tip: When you slap on your custom kicks be sure to carry a cane or an umbrella to help fend off the ladies.

If you order some M-themed tricked out adidas send them my way; I would love to see them.  You will find mine trotting around M Stadium this season.

Build yours here.


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  1. Very nice! So is yours uniform blue or bluebird blue? I assume the former? Also you used Ray Yellow?

  2. That is the bluebird – the pic is deceiving

  3. One word, “fresh”.

  4. what is the model of shoe that you had made?