What?  You didn’t think I’d have a few photos of the jug for goodness sake?  

Little Brown Jug pics of all varieties:

1 - Captains
For a tough guy, Molk has a championship caliber “aw shucks” smile

1 - Falk opens 
Jon Falk readies the case to unleash the trophy


1 - Falk hands them 
Jon Falk does the honors, as he’s done since 1974

1 - Brady Jug
Hoke after the game “Jug security is always at a premium”

1 - Denard Denard gets in the action

01 - Students 

Video, near the student section:


  1. For the mgoblog communities sake, did you get a shot of Lloyd Brady touching th Jug?

  2. Is that Michael Cox dressed in street clothes standing to Denard’s left?