17. March 2008 · Comments Off on National Media mostly Mum on News Story · Categories: Archive 2008, Media, The University, WTKA 1050AM

Day II into the Ann Arbor News piece on the academic policies surrounding the athletic program (can we come up with a word for this? athademics?) and the story hasn’t been quite yet picked up by the national media. Folks seemed a bit wrapped up in brackets, Terrelle Pryor, Tiger Woods and such so far this week.

Michigan football was the lead story on today’s ESPN.com college football page, but it had nothing to do with the investigation:


Elsewhere The Sporting News just released a post on the story but the lead topic of the day was Ty Willingham.

Nothing yet from SI.com or Sportsline.

While not quite in the same class, AOL Sports posted on this topic and even used the word ‘Scandal’, and linked to the New York Times Quad Blog reaction. It should be noted that the NYT Quad blog author (who kindly linked to MVictors in the past) is buddies with Jim Carty (not that there’s anything wrong with that).