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Scholarships taken for 4 years; Players banned from U.

A couple quick takes on this mess:
1. Regarding the post-season ban for next year. There are a lot of good arguments on both sides as to whether this is fair or not. My take is that it is not that big of a deal. First of all, who is to say M will even qualify for the tournament? I think the chances are pretty decent, but this is not a Final Four team. I believe that the coaches and players are kind of disappointed, but the experience of playing college hoops is not solely based upon a week or two post-season tournament. There are months of games and travel (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.) and camaraderie involved: the NCAA tournament is more important to the fans and the media than it is to the team.

2. On Whether M should appeal the ban. Why not? The appeal will probably get shot down but the penalty will not get any worse. To prove that the school is solely looking after the interest of the current players, Michigan should offer to give back any funds earned from post season play.

3. On Chris Webber. Bad Karma. The day the sanctions were announced his knee was injured and he has to sit out the rest of the playoffs. Don’t sit at a blackjack table with C-Webb.

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