Posting a few photos before the laptop dies.

Buckeye commit Bri’onte Dunn in for an unofficial visit.  He’s a big lad:

Bri'onte Dunn at Michigan Game

1 - HerbieHerbie Husker feeling it

1 - scoreboardNo problem here.  See U-M job postings on Monday.

hokeHoke giving the scoreboard a big “WTF?”

1 - short pantsHusker players showing some #toughness before the game in shorts and t-shirts

1 - seat instructionsWell executed card show – fans had their cards and instructions taped to the seats.


1 - FlagIf you don’t like it…GO BACK TO RUSSIA!

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  1. Besides the 2001 season, has Michigan ever worn the American flag on their jerseys?