There’s some scuttlebutt around town that the Ann Arbor News is working on a big story related to the UM athletic program, specifically around academics. Sam Webb indicated this morning on WTKA 1050am that he’s heard such a story is in the works.

Lead sports columnist Jim Carty hasn’t published anything recently and stopped blogging a while ago. It’s been so quiet that some folks in the nerdosphere suggested Carty was fired from the News. Not so according to Webb.

Carty took some heat around town for asking a few questions in the wake of Jim Harbaugh’s comments last year regarding lower academic standards for athletes at Michigan. We’ll see if that’s where this is headed


  1. Just what we need, more negative publicity. doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not. Sportscasters will latch on to this with all the drama surrounding Rich Rod.

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