The Ann Arbor News posted the results of its annual team survey. They asked 18 players to answer a variety of questions and here are a few notes:

Q. Will Lloyd Carr retire after this season?
Don’t know – 11 votes
No – 7 votes.

Q: Best player in the Big Ten outside U-M (last year Troy Smith ran away with this):
P.J. Hill (Wisconsin) – 4 votes
James Laurenitis (Ohio State) – 2 votes
Brian Hoyer (Mich State) – 1 vote
Javon Ringer (Mich State) – 1 vote

Q: What are you looking forward to most about the stadium renovation:
More noise – 5 votes
“Nothing” – 2 votes

Q: Who’s the hardest hitter?
John Thompson – 7.5 votes

Q: Who should win the Heisman?
Mike Hart – 9 votes
Chad Henne – 1 vote
Hart or Henne – 7 votes
Chris Graham – voted for himself saying “I’m going to be a history-maker.”

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  1. Lloyd Carr can not prepare the team for any opponents. He honestly is a terrible coach that cant even defeat App St with all of the talent on UM. I am officially embarrased as a UM fan and I and other fans I know, have decided not to watch any UM games this year until Lloyd Carr goes…and really the entire defensive staff is questionable. 105pts in the last 5 games…that is pathetic. It is going to be a long and sad year…UM now has the most embarrising loss in college football history attached to the name.. how much lower do we have to go..?